Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why is this man smiling?

Trevor Wilson's 1990 Upper Deck card features the young pitcher smiling broadly for the camera. This is despite his team dropping a 1-0 game in Los Angeles, a game Wilson did not appear in. Why the happy face?

Because it is September 27, 1989 and the Giants have clinched the National League West, thanks to the Padres losing their game against Cincinnati. Behind Trevor, you can see some of the preparations the Dodger clubhouse people made for the Giants clinching celebration. The papers on the wall are covered in plastic, and the phone has been taken off the hook and the rotary dial (how's that for some old technology on a baseball card!) has been duct taped. I'm not exactly sure how that protects the phone - maybe they don't want champagne-filled Giants drunk-dialing their future NLCS opponents, the Cubs?

1 comment:

  1. The Dodgers shouldn't have been so nice helping the Giants celebrate. As a Dodger fan, the thought of them doing that kind of offends me. Couldn't they celebrate on the freeway or something?