Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Package from Rich

Got a great package of cards today from Rich in Nevada. Though he doesn't have a blog, he does have a site with plenty of wants - I was able to complete four sets for him, including 1987 and 1989 Topps, as well as hit a bunch of wants from other sets. In return, I got a great stack of cards from my wantlist.

Included in the bunch are some famous cards I wanted for a long time:

I still remember when the 1991 Topps set came out and the Boggs and Santiago cards, as well as that of Roger Clemens, were hyped as the examples of the radical new Topps, responding to Upper Deck with a new, more gimmicky style of photography. Over the years I have acquired most of the 1991 set, including Clemens when it first came out, but these two had eluded me.

He also seriously whittled down my needs for 1990 Topps and 1988 Donruss - I now need less than 10 for each set:
1988 Donruss
43 - Al Leiter
75 - Mike Moore
256 - Mark McGwire
1990 Topps
255 - Bobby Thigpen
276 - Gary Thruman
321 - Joe Morgan (Mgr)
384 - Pat Combs
501 - Matt Young
594 - Luis Sojo
692 - Sammy Sosa

Can anyone finish these off for me? Check out the link on the right side for my full wantlist as well as what I have to trade.
Thanks, Rich!

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