Friday, January 30, 2009

Dr. Dirt, Mr. Clean, and Dennis Mannion

Another fun card from 1991 Donruss that came from Rich is "Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean," featuring the clean-cut Dale Murphy (who now hosts an anti-steroids website) and the down and dirty Lenny Dykstra (now a stock trader) in a posed publicity shot for the Philadelphia Phillies. (Because it is a team's photo, it is the only card in the set without the Donruss logo).

Interestingly, Donruss admits that it was a publicity shot, even thanking the Phillies, specifically Dennis Mannion.

Who is Dennis Mannion? Not the photographer, as I would have guessed, but the Phillies marketing executive who gave Donruss the permission to use the shot. He is now the Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also likes the Dave Matthews Band, Brooks Brothers aftershave, Grey Goose, Ben & Jerry's, and Denver Nuggets’ remixed music (combing techno and classic rock). I am not making this up.

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