Monday, February 1, 2021

More on Dell Stamps

 Reader Mark Hoyle was kind enough to share some photos of his own 1971 Dell Stamp Book, Red Sox edition. The "All Time Stars" design does match the cutouts of Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson and Honus Wagner that I posted yesterday.

The big difference between these photos and what I have is the schedule. Being a Red Sox book, there is just a Red Sox schedule on the back. My cutouts have a full MLB schedule on the back. I figured there must have been a book that was for all MLB, not just for one team. That would also be why there were players from three different teams represented. I did a little searching and that is exactly the case: in addition to team book for all 24 MLB teams, there was one called "Todays All Stars" which had a full MLB schedule on the back.


  1. Such a cool book. I'd love to add the A's version to my collection.

  2. These are great, thanks for sharing! The schedule page looks a bit like the 1972 Topps design.