Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Football card make-up box

 Happily, I was able to get refunds from eBay from both of my misdelivered football card packages. Would of rather have gotten the cards but that is a fine solution. After I got my $30 back, what did I do but spend $25 on a lot that was much bigger than the other two combined. Probably close to 2,000 cards. Commons and minor stars. (Lots of dupes so plenty of trade fodder!) It was mostly 1972-1982 era cards, some a little earlier (a couple a lot earlier, as it turned out). There were a lot of '70s Giants cards which was one of the lots that never arrived, which was part of why I picked this lot. 

These kind of confirm what I've been feeling about vintage football cards - they're fun, but not as much fun as vintage baseball. There are some really great cards but alot that are just kind of "blah".

The lot was organized by teams so the cards I picked out to show here as the most interesting are organized by teams as well. Every team was represented but the Packers (the lot was from Wisconsin).


Starting with the Giants. Many of these were in the lost Giants lot so I was very happy to get these.

Rams - Deacon Jones, some funny poses and the worst helmet hair I've seen on a card.
Dolphins - I now have an extra Garo Yepremian rookie to trade - its a blogger favorite. Other highlights include a player yawning, Bob Griese, and a seriously sunburned bald guy who was actually one of the leaders of the famed No Name Defense.
Some nice cards in the Colts lot, and one really amazing one that was somehow in this '70s lot - a 1950 Bowman card of Jonathan Jenkins. This is my oldest football card and I only have a couple of baseball cards older than it. I don't even have any 1950 Bowman baseball. Jenkins played two years of pro football.
Some bigger names in the Vikings section.
The great Steelers of the era were well represented.
Some nice Hofstra shots on the older Jets cards, as well as John Riggins's amazing hair. I love that Richard Todd's "In Action" card has him being chased down by a Giant defender (appears to be DE Gary Jeter).
Lots of great sideline and action shots for the Broncos.
I always liked the creamsicle-uniform-era Bucs. I lost interest in them when they went to a more bland color.
The Lions had the other 1950s card in the set. It's from 1956. I have very few 1950s football cards but I now have three different 1950s Lions team cards - I won the '58 and '59 in a Johnny's Trading Spot Big Fun Game last year.


  1. My oldest football is 1958 and my oldest baseball is 1957.

    Deacon Jones gets my vote for this round.

  2. You got the Pro Draft game version of 1974 Bob Tucker!