Monday, February 8, 2021

Cards and vintage things: WWII-era matchbooks

 I haven't bought many matchbook lots lately, but I recently came across a great lot of 60 for under $10, all from the WWII era, many quite notable.

Starting out where I started out in matchbook collecting, soda matchbooks.

This one was the reason I pulled the trigger. It is a series sponsored by Pepsi with original illustration by none other than Walt Disney. These matchbooks usually go for several dollars apiece. 
Lots of other patriotic matchbooks, including some familiar companies like Walgreen and Mennen.
Only one company in this lot stooped to using racial sterotypes in their message. The same company that was depicting Black baseball players as white as late as 1990.
A couple other matchbooks here I really like. One was for a WWII-era radio drama called Counterspy. The other, on the back of an Adam Hats matchbook, had a list of all the heavyweight champions of the world. Check out the current champ. This could date it virtually anywhere in the 1940s.


  1. Nice to see someone giving Topps the business! Love the soda covers btw, I'm thinking that I should look into getting a few of those that feature bottles that I have, and displaying them next to each other.

  2. Nice matchbooks. The Topps ones are especially interesting.