Wednesday, February 17, 2021

1998 Collector's Choice: Series I: Part II

 Some more gems from '98 CC:

Any Twins fans know who is getting pranked here?

Big hug for Ugueth Urbina, who served seven years in prison in Venezuela for attempted murder.
There are lots of great autograph shots in this set; this one was my favorite.
Jose Canseco has a lot of cards like this. I'm guessing this pose was his idea.
Masked Marauders is a cool name for a subset on catchers. This was the first year of the hockey-style mask pioneered by Charlie O'Brien.
Nolan Ryan was long gone but UD still found a way to get a football on a card.
Jay Buhner in typical 1998 attire. One of the most unusual cards in the set.
Sure, it's posed, but this is still a fun card.


  1. Canseco used to go to card shows and there would be guys getting his wife's autograph for free instead of paying for his.

  2. Canseco signed at a local card show either right before the pandemic or the year before. And I feel like I heard that he was still showing off his muscles to his fans.