Monday, November 23, 2020

More Cracked Bat generosity

 As if the Ballot Box wasn't enough, I got my latest pickpockets from A Cracked Bat this weekend. Here's the latest in what I've gotten from Jenerous Julie.

Looks like I was going with a theme of retired greats. It wasn't really intentionally, I just kept seeing cards I liked. My favorite is the DiMaggio with the War Bonds and Gem Razor signs. The shiny Gibson is pretty fantastic too.

I had forgotten about the pickpockets until it was a couple of days in. I don't know how a '62 Post was still around, or a shiny autographed refractor. Also, just a day or two before I was looking for a George Blanda card for a different post and realized I didn't have one. Serendipity! There is one of the all-time great faces in football, a man who played in the NFL through the age of 48.


  1. Ooh, very nice pickups there, congrats!

  2. Nice pickups, the auto and the DiMaggio in particular.

  3. Lisson and Romano seem to be the odd men out here.