Wednesday, November 25, 2020

1986 Sportflics Decade Greats Jimmie Foxx

 Last time I got a question about how I put together these GIFs. First I take three photos of the card. As you probably know it can be difficult just to look at a Sportflics card and clearly see all three photos. That goes even more when trying to line up the photo with a camera. Once I get the three photos I upload them to a site called It was just the first link that came up when I searched Google for a GIF maker but it works just fine. I click on "GIF Maker", and upload the three photos. The photos then come up on the screen with some options. The only one I change is to move the delay from 20 to 40 so the image doesn't whip by too fast. You then click "Make GIF" and you will get a saveable image. Any ideas for improvements to this process are certainly welcome!

Today's card is #2 in the set, legendary slugger Jimmie Foxx.

Some great photos here. The one in the Red Sox uniform, with a big crowd in the stands, really looks great in person. I wish I could find the photo online. There is also one in an A's uniform in spring training that shows his unorthodox swing. 

On-the-field trivia: Foxx made his major league debut at the age of 17, on May 1, 1925. He was a junior in high school at the time. (He was not a major league regular until the age of 20). In 1940 he became the youngest man ever (at the time) to reach 500 home runs, but a variety of maladies linked to a 1934 beaning would end his career soon after.

Off-the-field trivia: Foxx was a manager in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in 1952; Tom Hanks's character in A League of Their Own was loosely based off of him. He died in 1967 after choking on some food in a restaurant, a year after his wife died the same way.

My collection: I do not have any playing-days cards of Foxx. Foxx's last solo card as a contemporary player was in the 1943 MP&Co set.


  1. Cool, I have always wondered how gifs were made. Wonder no more. Let's bring back Sportsflics already!

  2. Jimmie Foxx is one of those players I wish I could have seen play.

  3. I too had wondered off and on how folks did the GIF's, thanks for the info!