Friday, May 22, 2020

Vintage backgrounds: Walt Disney?

Why is there a sign behind Dave McNally that says Walt Disney? The Orioles trained in Miami, not terribly near the still-new Walt Disney World in Orlando, and it doesn't look like that's what it says either. The orange writing is not particularly common for Disney. In 1972 they released a movie called "Biscuit Eater" which had orange writing on the post, but I don't think that's what it says either. Any ideas?


  1. Had to search for other scans of it to find clearer images to try to enlarge. Looks like the orange lettering is "World Vacation" so it might say something about taking a "Disney World Vacation"

    1. I tried to look too, but didn't get as far. My eye site is no bueno.

  2. This made me look up product placement and discover it’s been around longer than I thought (don’t know if that’s what Topps did though). Also interesting is that Eisner owns Topps and had worked at Disney.