Sunday, May 10, 2020

Cardboard cousins: '53 Topps/'02 Heritage

Am I the only one who finds it annoying that the Heritage sets are one digit off from the sets that they emulate? Maybe if there is no season in 2020 we can skip '21 Heritage and have '22 Heritage mirror '72, and be 50 years apart instead of 49.

I only have three '53s but I was able to find one kind-of/sort-of match. A couple of future All-Star shortstops at #25. Ray Boone would be traded to Detroit during the '53 season, and went on to be an All-Star in '54 and '56. Rafael Furcal (anyone ever call him Ray?) was embarking on a long career that would see him be an All-Star for three different teams - the Braves in '03, Dodgers in '10 and Cardinals in '12.
 There almost was an easy connection with these two - Ray's grandson Bret Boone played for the Braves in 1999 and Furcal made his debut in 2000. Presumably they would have been spring training teammates in 1999, though.

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