Monday, May 11, 2020

Latest vintage pickup

Found a cheap little lot on ebay. A large percentage of the cards were '50s and early '60s. Not a bad selection for under $10.
Here's what I got. New-to-me cards first followed by trade bait.

'50s cards. The '55 Bowmans were the big draw, very rare to see them in a little cheap lot.
 Early '60s. That Jim Landis card is a high-number. It looks like there is paper loss on Bob Veale's face but that's actually part of the card - reflection of the camera flash on his glasses.
 Some nice mid-60s additions too.
 On to the trade bait. It might be months before I hit the post office again but feel free to claim anything you like. '50s-early'60s trade bait here.
 Mid-60s trade bait. Anyone looking to start a Jerry Lynch PC? You can get to a good start here.


  1. Congratulations on a really nice haul (and for less than $10!). I'd take you up on your trade bait offer but due to budget concerns, I don't collect anything pre-1969. I still hope to arrange a trade with you whenever I can find a decent amount of cards you need.

  2. Fantastic pickup for the price. Very cool to see Alvin Dark with the Cubs. As a Bay Area guy, I'm used to seeing him associated with the Giants (NY or SF) or the A's (KC or Oak).

  3. Who needs card shows, when you got the eBay!