Sunday, May 3, 2020

Cardboard cousins - dirty old vintage vs. shiny new cards

I first heard about Heritage mirroring the set it is based after with specific cards last year. But I guess it has been going on for quite a bit longer than that? I haven't been comparing my base cards yet, as I was starting with my oddball binders. I found some interesting matches among the Heritage variations. #330 in 1965 Topps and 2014 Topps Heritage are both great Yankee lefties. Surely not a coincidence? Looks like I will have to check out my Heritage base cards more closely as well.
These really are my two favorite kinds of cards - dirty beat-up old vintage, and super-shiny new cards.

Here are a couple of examples from 1966/2015 as well.

#150 star Indians outfielders. Brantley is a chrome.
#60 star Cards outfielders. Flood/Holliday.


  1. I like shiny too, I'm just not a huge fan of the Heritage sets.

  2. Yeah, I meant to say Heritage has been doing this for awhile. I must've forgotten to leave the comment.

  3. That 65T Whitey Ford is awesome! I hope to add one of those to my collection at some point.