Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Packaging updates, etc.

First off, RIP Larry Gowell, who pitched for the Yankees in 1972, and was the last AL pitcher to get a hit before the advent of the DH. He had shared his thoughts on baseball cards with this blog last year.

Second, thanks to everyone for the great replies to my packaging questions yesterday. If you haven't yet, you should really bookmark Gavin's fantastic Definitive Guide to Shipping Sports Cards Safely and Cheaply. I am usually pretty slow to change but will look into incorporating some of his great suggestions for sending out larger packages without the post office. Meanwhile, I'm going to order some 70-cent stamps. Per Chris's suggestion I should be able to send out 15 cards with one of those stamps. I told him I'll experiment on him first, if that works I'll send out a lot more to the people I owe cards to.

Finally, here's some content. One of my more unusual items in the Don and Chris Old Stuff order was a box of bandages from the 1950s. I ordered it because it was the only item I saw on the site from Long Island. Acme Plastic Zip-Strips in Valley Stream, NY. I used to live one town over from Valley Stream. Acme Cotton Products was located on 147 S. Franklin Avenue, a building nestled under the LIRR tracks. The company dissolved in 1975. I have paired the box with the only Valley Stream native to play in the major leagues, 1950s pitcher Tom Gorman.

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