Friday, March 8, 2019

Vintage backgrounds: Comiskey Park scoreboard?

Camilo Pascual's card has an interesting background, with the scoreboard quite prominent.
What ballpark is it? It's not his home park of Griffith Stadium. It's also definitely not KC Municipal Stadium, Fenway Park or Tiger Stadium. The color scheme is wrong for Baltimore and Cleveland. That leaves Yankee Stadium and Comiskey Park with dark walls and a large scoreboard over one set of stands. While Topps did take a lot of photos at Yankee Stadium, I'm pretty sure you would see buildings in the background, even from this article.

Here is a photo of Comiskey Park from the 1960s (pre-exploding scoreboard). It looks like you can see the Chesterfield Ad over Pascual's head, plus there is a sloping roof on either side of the scoreboard that matches the sloping roof seen over Pascual's shoulder.

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  1. That slope you see to the right of Pascual is actually an elevated walkway. You can see it on the image of Comiskey you posted. There was one on each side of the scoreboard.

    But yeah - you got the right park.