Thursday, September 28, 2017

Huge trade with Scott Crawford

My trades with Scott Crawford are always huge. This one was no different, with a medium flat-rate box bursting with cards going both ways. It'll take me a while to fully sort all the cards Scott sent me, right now I just have them sorted by manufacturer, so here are some highlights, sorted by manufacturer.

Recently I wrote about my favorite cards of Mike Pagliarulo, my favorite player growing up. In the course of writing that post I learned about some post-playing days cards of Pags, including this Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic. Happy to add it to my collection!
 I love late-90s Ultra for their great photography.
 Didi Gregorius in a 1968 design. There will be a real 1968 card at the end of this post.
 There were a couple hundred 2004 Topps Total in this set, which is great as I never come across a lot of these at any one time.
 Another late-90s manufacturer known for great photography.
 I love the holographic borders on 1997 SP.
 Score Gold Rush is one of my favorite parallel sets. Got probably a hundred of these from Scott.
 Not only are our trades epic, but so are the email exchanges leading up to them. The thread for this trade got to be 85 emails. When he got up to talking about what Pacific cards he had available, Scott noted, "if you wanna worry about color variations on these, that's between you and your god". Here are a couple of color variations (and yes I do keep track, though at times it is difficult).
 Got a lot, maybe most, of the Leaf Limited Counterparts set in this trade.
 I had never seen these 1980 Laughlin Famous Feats cards before.
 Scott sent me the full 1982 K-Mart set, the third K-Mart set I have completed.
 I like the throwback uniforms on the "vintage" design on this Fleer Tradition card.
 Do you feel the fabric swatches when you get a uniform card? Andrew Cashner's TCU uniform is very soft.
 Lots of Bowman in these box. Plenty of guys who never made it above AA but also big stars like this Bryce Harper rookie.
 Finally, Scott threw in a few vintage cards. Here's an early Keith Hernandez, and a 1966 Topps card with a Rookie Cup (though I have to admit I had never heard of Frank Linzy. More on Linzy - seems like an interesting guy.
 Finally, two amazing stars of the package. I've seen that Frank Robinson card many time on the blogs, very excited to own it myself. And probably the best card in the package is a 1968 Willie McCovey. Never thought I'd own a real McCovey card from his playing days. Awesome card, awesome trade!

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