Sunday, September 24, 2017

1993 Studio Kent Hrbek

Hobbies are hunting, fishing and family: Hrbek hosted a TV show called Kent Hrbek Outdoors from 2004 to 2010.

Favorite sports announcer is Tim Ryan: Ryan was primarily a football, hockey and boxing announcer.

Favorite player as a kid was Tony Oliva: Hrbek grew up a Twins fan in Minnesota.

Might have been a gas station attendant if he hadn’t been an athlete: You don’t see many gas station attendants around anymore. Everything is self-serve.

Pet peeve is people who think they’re cool: Great answer.

Where he is now: He has been active in the fight against ALS, and recently hosted an ALS Walleye tournament in Minnesota.


  1. He is also the main pitchman for Carrier brand heating and cooling in MN- watching Twins games I am treated to 4 or 5 commercials featuring Hrbie and various HVAC local installers.

  2. We have gas station attendants here in Oregon (by law).. it takes some getting used to.