Monday, September 4, 2017

Bob Walks All Over My Wantlists

Matthew of Bob Walk the Plank sent me a trade package that did some serious damage to both the set-completing and funny-pictures sections of my wantlists. Some highlights:

Three cards, including baby Derek Jeter, from 1995 Collectors Choice SE, leaving me needing just one to complete the set (but it's a big one, #238 Michael Jordan).
 Two cards from 1994 Upper Deck, again leaving me just one to complete the set (and again a big one remaining, #24 Alex Rodriguez).
 Johnny Damon completes the base part of 2008 SP Authentic!
 And Todd Zeile completes 1992 Studio! Maybe I'll do something with the backs of these when I'm done with the '93 set.
 Moving on to funny pictures, here's a classic I'd wanted for a long time.
 Looks like a very young John Jaha on his college quad . . .
 . . . and an older Jaha discovering the joys of parenthood.
 What an awesome card, great subject matter and background.
 This card is really great too. A Venezuelan pitcher for a Canadian team signing an American flag. The design for the Skybox Premium set included featuring the player's initials predominantly, which is particularly cool looking for baseball's only U.U.

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  1. You might be the easiest person in the world to trade with Bo with your detailed trade lists. I'll be sure to send you a couple "hit" Yanks when I accumulate some.