Friday, January 6, 2017

Wallet Card at two long-defunct Union Square Banks

Still pressing on with the same Wallet Card in 2017. Here are a couple of old bank buildings that retain the name of their long-defunct original inhabitants.

Union Square Savings Bank opened in this location in 1907, in a building designed by Henry Bacon, best known for his later creation, the Lincoln Memorial. The bank later opened several branches throughout New York City, and in 1968 it became the United Mutual Savings Bank after a merger with another bank. After subsequent mergers it ceased becoming a bank entirely in 1992. It is now a theater.

Bank of the Metropolis opened this location in 1901. That name would last less than twenty years; the bank was acquired by Bank of the Manhattan (later known as Chase Manhattan Bank) in 1918. This location is now a restaurant.

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