Monday, January 2, 2017

Wallet Card at A. Steinhardt

There are a couple of interesting signs for A. Steinhardt at 870 Broadway. The company produced a variety of goods - giftware, ornaments, fragrances, toys, dolls - from the 1870s to the mid-twentieth century. They were perhaps best known for producing the Twee Deedle doll - the direct predecessor of Raggedy Ann and Andy.

On one side of the building their name is still pretty prominent.

On the other side is the sign I find more interesting, because it is mostly covered over by another sign for M&L Hess Realty that dates to the 1930s and contains an alpha-numeric phone number - ALgonquin 4-2700. (You will have to click on the picture and zoom in to see it.)

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  1. I feel stupid for not catching on to your posts earlier. I've been neglecting everyone's including my own. Love the old signs, particularly the "ghosts" and the history.