Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Arm's Dealer's Bounty

Recently I supplied Wes of Jaybarkerfan's Junk with some ammunition to bomb Bob Walk the Plank and P-Town Tom. In return he supplied me with a ton of minor league cards and 2015 Topps and Heritage cards.

What color is Charlie Blackmon's beard? Looks like a light brown, maybe somewhat reddish.
 According to the back, however, it is "ebony". I think we can safely call this an error card.
 I know people are gushing about the new Topps set because of the borders, but it has the same lackluster photography as the last few years, and to me that's a lot more important than the border. Who has a picture of the pitcher in mid-delivery and can't fit the ball into the frame?
 He sent a lot of inserts too, like this one about Roger Maris spoiling Patriots Day for the Red Sox, which was cool since this box came in the mail on Patriots Day.
 There was also a bunch of Heritage in the box, where for Topps it is still 1966 and all the players in the cartoons are white.
 I got this nice patch card of Nick Castellanos, than later in the evening saw him in the Tigers-Yankees game on TV.
 Most of the box was filled with minor league cards from the late-90's and early 00's, such as Just 2K. Though minor league cards by then were more serious than the highly-goofy 80's cards, there were still some great wacky shots.
 There was even a black-bordered parallel card.
 This was hand-written in, #1/50. I don't think I've ever gotten the first card in a numbered series before - very cool.

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