Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Surprise package from Night Owl

I got a surprise package of cards from the legendary Night Owl in the mail yesterday. He hit some of my wantlists and also threw in a bunch of cool random stuff. I may be the only person who gets more excited by the unexpected random parts of a package than the wantlist hits. Here are some highlights.

The wantlist hits were from 2011 Topps and 1989 Bowman. I think my favorite of these was this goofy picture of Dennis Eckersley. It was nice when cards had candid shots that gave you a sense of the players' personality.

Today's goofy shots just seem more forceed, but this one is still pretty cool.
 Here is another unique modern shot, with the biggest autograph close-up I have ever seen. He appears to hold his pen in an odd way; maybe some collector could look at all the autograph shots and see the different ways players hold their pens.
I think this one was my favorite of all. I have so many of the cards from the time period I collected as a kid (1987-1993) that to get a new card from that era of a Yankee star really takes me back. I had never seen this Rickey card and it looks really nice.

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  1. Still feel like my collection is lacking in the "random" department as '90s cards are my collection's big black hole, but glad I found something for you.