Thursday, April 30, 2015

A better box this time

This time I got a better $3 box from Al, after I expressed a bit of disappointment with the last one. If he keeps them like this one he'll have me buying for a while. It was a 600-count box that was about a quarter basketball, a quarter football, a quarter junk was baseball, but still a quarter of it being baseball cards from the last twenty years. Here are some highlights of the good stuff.

This is Kevin Ool. Notice there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.
 There were a lot of mid-00's Bowman cards, including a bunch of the weird chunky gold parallels. Good stuff.
 Some cool inserts. I've seen a lot of cards with map backgrounds but never one with a weather map. It actually looks really cool.
 The opposite end of the spectrum is this thing. I'd never seen a Topps 205 card before. It has very thin stock and an amateurishly-drawn picture. Almost looks like a fan's custom - in fact there are better fan-made cards out there.

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