Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today's Haul

First, check out my latest post at the Hall of Very Good, featuring some scandalous facts about guys on common cards.

Second, I bought a huge box of cards at a garage sale today, about 2000 cards all from the 1998-2002 range, where I don't have a lot of cards from. Sets like Fleer Tradition, Fleer Showcase, Topps Chrome, SP Authentic, Fleer Premium, Upper Deck Encore, Fleer Triple Crown, Upper Deck Pros & Prospects, and Donruss Elite. As of this writing I've just started going through the box so who knows what else is in here. I'm showcasing this card of Johnny Damon. The last time the Yankees had back-to-back walk-off wins before today was Damon's 2009 club, and today's improbable win came against the team he's wearing the uniform of here, the Oakland A's.

There are a lot of non-baseball cards in this box too. Anyone interested in trading baseball cards for basketball, hockey, or even golf? Here is a sampling of what is in here, all up for trade.


  1. I would love any unwanted Cardinals, Portland Trail Blazers or University of Oregon alumni that you have to spare. Let me know.