Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chris Perez on baseball cards

A first round draft choice of the Cardinals in 2006, Chris Perez was traded to the Indians in 2009 and has been their closer the past two seasons. This year he made his first All-Star team, saving 36 games, fourth in the American League. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I still collect cards. I have about 40 thousand. My favorite cards are any type of Topps/Bowman refractors, I like the way color hits them. I have over 200 hundred Frank Thomas cards, he was my favorite player growing up, so all of his cards I really enjoy. I also have over 300 cards I got autographed in person around the different Spring Trainings in Florida. My favorite card of mine is one of my first ones when I was on Team USA in '05 in college. Upper Deck made a set of cards and one had me and my college teammate Jon Jay on it, so that is my favorite personal card."

Thanks! I couldn't find any pictures of that card (2005 UD USA Dual Auto) but here is one I have, from 2008 Stadium Club.


  1. Perez is a great TTM signer, and it's cool that he collects cards too. 40,000 cards?!

  2. He's the player who bought that crazy 1927 Murderer's Row booklet card:

    Now that's a serious collector.

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