Friday, November 11, 2011

Baseball card story from Tim Nedin

Tim Nedin pitched in the Twins organization from 1989 to 1992, striking out 299 batters in 282 innings while winning 10 games and posting an ERA of exactly 3.00. Now owner of a custom apparel company, Customized Gear, he kindly shared with me a great baseball card story.

"It's funny you sent me this. I just had a laugh with a bunch of guys we played with a couple of weeks ago. This guy Mike Misuraca was always pulling pranks on guys. I guess you have to know him like we did to appreciate how funny this really is!

This was our ‎1990 A- ball manager Steve Liddle (Now the Minnesota Twins Third Base Coach) posing for his baseball card picture:
Mike posted this on Facebook:
"Steve and the photographer didn't see me hiding in the dugout below between his feet. I was pretty mature in those days. Liddle would later tell me in that big Tennessee drawl: "Best picture I ever took, until your squirrelly ass ruined it - that's gonna cost you fifty dollas". Everyone was laughing too hard for him to stay mad though. Well worth the $50 bucks."

Hope this adds to your collection!"

Thanks! It looks like a very similar picture was used for Liddle's 1990 Best Kenosha Twins card, with Misuraca behaving himself in this shot.

Finally, here is a card of Nedin, from 1991 Classic Best.

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