Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1979 Topps

Got 1979 Topps in the mail yesterday. It was missing one card - Gary Alexander, #332. I contacted the seller and he said he's going to send me one, but if any or you have one to trade, let me know and I'll get back to you if he doesn't come through.

One thing I love in these late-'70s early-80s Topps sets is the unusual team photographs. 1979 has some of the best.


  1. Pretty sure I have one to spare. Let me know. Johngy1 at aol

  2. Love the Astros in in front of the dome.

  3. If you've got extras now, check my wantlist! I've been working on this set for like 6 years on and off and am utterly jealous of your finishing it! Love seeing all the sets come in- keep it up! -Andy