Friday, July 9, 2010

A unique and entertaining baseball card photograph

When writing my blog I usually just type the address in my browser. However, today I googled it instead, and found to my surprises that there was a caption inserted by google. Now when you google Baseball Cards Come to Life it will tell you that this site "highlights unique and entertaining baseball card photography." I didn't write that but I suppose it's a pretty accurate description. It seems to come from a directory site called, which lists a bunch of baseball card blogs and gives them descriptions like "Topps baseball card reviews and general commentary" (bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog) or "St. Louis Cardinals baseball card collecting commentary" (Cards on Cards). The list of blogs on this site is by no means comprehensive; it seems to be mostly sites with some variation of "baseball card" in the title.

Well, here's a fairly unique and somewhat entertaining card. Things I like about:
1. The unusual angle making Mr. Stubbs look even taller than his six feet two inches
2. Dugout steps made of half-rotted planks of wood nailed to the ground
3. The sweatbands with the player's picture on them - how awesome would a comeback of that fad be?


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