Friday, July 2, 2010

Somehow he'll manage

Kirk Gibson should make a very interesting manager - if he's the same as when he was a player he could be an entertaining skipper, especially when arguing calls!

There have certainly been some interesting managerial choices this year that don't fit the usual stereotypes. Remember the 1994 Tigers? They hit a lot of home runs (161, 2nd in the AL) but struck out a phenomenal amount (897 times, over 150 more than any other AL team). They were entertaining but not a team known for playing fundamental baseball. If you had told a fan in 1994 that sixteen years later two players on that team would be major league managers, who would they guess? Chris Gomez and John Flaherty? Scott Livingstone and Skeeter Barnes? I doubt anyone would guess Juan Samuel and Kirk Gibson. Who's next? Cecil Fielder? Travis Fryman? Mickey Tettleton?

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