Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trade with Jason from CT

A while back I answered a craigslist post buy a guy named Jason in Connecticut who wanted to finish his 1983 Topps set and had some 1984's to trade. Yesterday we met in Grand Central Station. I got there before he did and he told me to look for a guy in a suit carrying a brown folder. I never realized how many men walk through Grand Central Station wearing suits and carrying brown folders - had to have been at least 20 in the ten minutes I waited. Nevertheless, the exchange went off without a hitch and I got 37 cards from 1984 Topps I didn't have before. Here's my favorite of the lot: U L Washington.

Why is it great?
1. U L is his name, not his initials.
2. He always played with a toothpick in his mouth. It's hard to see in the top picture, but in the bottom it is pretty clear.
3. The picture is at Yankee Stadium. Washington was the Royals shortstop in the Pine Tar Game, so there is a chance the picture could be from that game. In fact, checking retrosheet, it is the only day game he played at Yankee Stadium, so it is entirely likely, although he also played in a twi-night doubleheader or it could be the early innings of a night game.

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