Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrigley Wrecks

The other day I posted about how Chris Welsh said that the Topps photographers would come out to Wrigley Field early in the day and catch the players still hung over. That makes sense considering that, as they played only day games there back then, the players had the whole night to get wasted.

Now you know why Jim Frey needed dark glasses even when it was cloudy.

Rick Sutcliffe was out partying with Bill Murray again. I think Murray stole his hat.

Maybe Murray stole Steve Trout's hat too. And ripped the sleeves off his jacket.

I don't think Bob Sykes has even noticed yet that his hat is gone, too.

Dick Tidrow isn't hung over, but had way too many baked beans the night before.

And here are some more assorted "the sun is too bright/ow my head hurts" faces:

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