Sunday, December 6, 2009

How did I do - NL West

I definitely did the worst with this division. I almost never see these teams play so I guess that's not surprising. Original prediction link here.

1. Diamondbacks
"They started off last year the best team in baseball. There is too much good talent on this team for them not to put it all together."
In both western divisions the teams I picked for first finished last. Ouch.
2. Dodgers
"Manny isn't playing for a contract this time."
Manny was not as productive this year, but it was more for injuries and suspension. The rest of that team seems pretty good.
3. Giants
"Some good young players, this team is starting to emerge from the shadow of Barry Bonds."
My one correct prediction in the NL West.
4. Rockies
"Hard to believe this team was in the World Series two years ago."
Guess all they needed was a new manager.
5. Padres
"How much does it suck to be a Padres fan? Your team can't compete because your owner needs to sell off players to pay for his divorce. Ouch."
I wonder if that's what Dodger fans will have to look forward to in 2010.

The player pictured was the Diamondbacks' Stephen Drew. One of many disappointing D-Backs in 2009, he hit .261 with 12 HR and 65 RBI.

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