Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baseball card story from Steve Springer

Steve Springer played fourteen years of professional baseball, including time in the majors with the Indians and Mets. He now has a website called Quality At Bats where he sells a hitting instruction CD endorsed by the likes of Eric Valent, Ron Hassey, Clint Hurdle and Billy Beane, who writes, "Spring, if you knew what's on this CD at 18 instead of learning it at 30, people might know who you are." He kindly shared this story with me:

"My favorite story -I was in Cleveland for my first call up and a photographer was taking a picture of Sandy Alomar Jr. and I went up and put my arm around Sandy and said to the photographer --lets go top rookies card--lol-------he didn't bite."

Thanks! There have certainly been less deserving players who have gotten on those Top Rookies cards, so it's too bad the photographer didn't go through with it.

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