Thursday, December 3, 2009

How did I do - AL West

Other than being dead wrong about the A's, I wasn't too bad about the order. Still the farther away you get from the Yankees' division, the less I know about the teams and the sillier I look. Here's the link to the original predictions.

1. Athletics
"Unlike Kansas City, Oakland seems to know what to do with its good young players. They turned Mark Mulder into Dan Haren into Dana Eveland and Greg Smith, for example. Jason Giambi and Orlando Cabrera are some underrated acquisitions, too."
Well, actually, they finished last, though they were ten games better than Kansas City at least. I certainly overrated their acquistions, though interestingly that Giambi, Cabrera and Matt Holliday all started last season with Oakland and ended it in the playoffs.

2. Angels
"They may miss K-Rod, but they'll miss Garret Anderson even more. And their rotation is already being hit by injuries."
OK, they didn't miss them in the regular season, but the Yankees probably don't win the ALCS if those two are still Angels. I doubt K-Rod blows the save Fuentes did, and Anderson was always the big Yankee killer on the Halos.

3. Rangers
"Believe it or not they were 50-46 at the All Star break last year. Still, any team whose big acquisitions are Omar Vizquel and Andruw Jones isn't going anywhere."
Hey, everyone was surprised by their young pitching. The second sentence I will be using in my White Sox predictions this spring.

4. Mariners
"This team needs a whole lot more than Endy Chavez and Ken Griffey's pot belly. (Being a Yankee fan, I hadn't seen Griffey in years. When he was traded back to the AL last year I was shocked at how out of shape he looked.)"
They were 85-77 this year? Really? I didn't even notice them all year!

The player pictured was Oakland outfielder Aaron Cunningham. He played in 23 games in 2009, one more than in his 2008 debut. He hit .151 with a home and 6 RBI.

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