Friday, December 4, 2009

How did I do - NL East

I didn't do too well in my NL East predictions, but I did get first and last place right. Link to the original predictions is here.

1. Phillies
"I don't know why so few people are picking the Phillies to repeat. This is a good young team on both offense and pitching, and I think they are easily the class of the National League once again."
Spot on here. Now that they've won two pennants, the Phillies aren't going to lack for respect anymore.
2. Braves
"They do seem to be a greatly improved team. Javier Vazquez is a nice acquisition, he does well in low pressure situations. Garret Anderson is a great pick-up too. If their young pitchers step up they will be right in the thick of the wild card hunt."
They finished third, not second, but were in the wild card hunt for a while. I was right about Vazquez, less so about Anderson.
3. Mets
"The pressure brought on this team by their two collapses and the New York media will be unbearable. That and their mediocre starting pitching after Santana. Mike Pelfrey is a decent prospect, but when he is your #2 starter you're in trouble."
Turns out the pressure and pitching were the least of the Mets problems.
4. Marlins
"Once a decade the Marlins win a World Series. The other nine years they are lousy. They already won their World Series this decade."
Well, they didn't win a world series, but they sure weren't lousy either. Actually they had a better record than the AL Central champs, the Twins.
5. Nationals
"Some decent young players, but this team is years away."
This was an easy pick, and will be next year as well.

The card I posted was of Joe Blanton. He went 12-8 with a 4.05 ERA. The Yankees roughed him up with four runs in six innings in Game 4 of the World Series.

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