Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cleanup Hitter and Clothes Horse

From the New York Times, July 11, 1993: "CLEANUP HITTER AND CLOTHES HORSE When you make $5 million, you can buy clothes. Lots of clothes. Danny Tartabull signed a 5-year, $25.5-million contract two years, ago and some of that cash winds up outfitting him in nifty duds. From tailored suits to silk shirts, Tartabull is impeccable. He sheepishly conceded that he had not worn the same clothes to a game since joining the Yankees. Think about that. No repeats in a year and a half. "I don't like to wear things over again," he said. Tartabull was caught wearing jeans once this year and was teased unmercifully by teammates. "They said that I actually looked like a normal guy," Tartabull said."

This photo was probably taken just after Tartabull signed that huge contract, before he had time to run out and buy 200+ new jeans-less outfits. How his teammates would have ragged on him if they found this card!

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