Saturday, November 28, 2020

Time Travel Football Trade

 If you haven't yet, you really need to get in on Diamond Jester's Time Travel Trades. The concept is very simple - to trade for a card on his list, simply send him an older one. This time I decided to pick off some of the vintage football that had been on the list for a while. I'm not jumping into vintage football like I did vintage baseball, but it's nice to have a few. Some of the best designs for Topps sets in the 1960s and 1970s came from football, rather than baseball. At some point I should try to get a card or two from the '62 Topps football set, it might be the nicest-looking vintage set from any sport.

Here is what I got:

Here are two Wonder Bread oddballs from the mid-70s, plus a baseball card I happened to need.

Four '69 Topps cards, including Joe Morrison, one of the two best Giants ever to have a name starting with "Joe Morris". Also the 1967 Philadelphia brand Giants team card, which notes that the team went 1-12-1 that year.
Finally, a '71 base card (love that design), a '71 game card, and two '72s.


  1. nice pickups! i don't collect them but do enjoy looking a vintage fb.

  2. Good to know Matt's offering up some vintage football - and sending some your way. The Griese is very nice, and so are the '69s.

  3. I don't collect football myself, so I'm happy those cards found a good home!