Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cards from a basement

I'm glad to see a few people were interested in trading for what I posted yesterday. Jasongerman9 and TSHenson - please email me as I don't have any other way to contact you.

Maybe something in today's post might also be of interest to people. They came from the Basement Fun Game that Matt of Summer of '74 recently hosted. I won the "oversized lot" and there were a lot of cool things in it, some I needed but some that are up for trade.

The keepers: Some 1984 Donruss Champions - only had a few from the set and needed all of these. Same for the two 1989 Bowman reprints. The Cadaco discs are new to me - apparently from a board game. Very cool oddball.
 The traders: In this case I already had the complete set these cards came from. As you can see there are a whole bunch of Topps Big from all three years of the set - every card is a hall-of-famer except for Buhner and McGwire, so let me know your needs there.
 The miscellany: Not sure if I would consider these cards. The two hockey Master Photos are up for trade. There are two copies of the Cal Ripken Sr. postcard, so at least one is up for trade, as is the Shaq postcard from his rookie year (a canned reply to fanmail).
 The bonus: Matt generously threw in some bonus cards of current Yankees. I love the "New Dynasty" card with Aaron Judge and Greg Bird. I hope Topps is right.


  1. Love the Cadaco Discs. They go with All-Star Baseball, which is a board game with spinners. Cadaco went bankrupt at some point, but those discs are still floating around. There are people who still make them too and sell them. The game is a little antiquated, does not account for pitching, but it was a lot of fun to play as a kid.

  2. I LOVED that game as a kid. Wish I still had mine from way back when. I think those discs are the last remnants of it.

  3. Bo, email me your address again please sir. I've deleted my address file (again)