Tuesday, October 24, 2017

1982 Fleer Stamps

I am a big fan of early 80s fleer - it is my favorite baseball card photography because of the interesting, often quirky photos. I have all of the base sets but there were a lot of oddballs out there from that time that I have yet to get my hands on. So I was excited to get a whole bunch of these in my trade with The Angels, In Order. Some highlights:

Pete Rose being interviewed by ESPN.
 Rookie Fernando Valenzuela with Warren Spahn in a Milwaukee Braves uniform. Such an awesome cards. (By the way, there were dupes of several of the stamps that Bru sent me so I have a some to trade, including both the Rose and the Valenzuela/Spahn.)
 Another great Fernando combo card, this time with Tommy Lasorda.
 I don't get to pick up a new "card" of Willie Randolph as a Yankee very often. Another great shot.
 So many awesome things going on in this great photo of Carl Yastrzemski.
 Just so many different types of photos that you would never see on Topps or Donruss products at this time. The one drawback is that the players names don't appear on the stamps. This is Toby Harrah.
 The occasional centering issues may not pass a photography exam but they add to the quirky charm.
 Closing out with Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams. Like the Fernando/Spahn card, just an awesome, awesome photo at a time when such combos were rare on cards. Had these photos been on cards in the base set they would be highly sought after by collectors and would be regularly seen on the blogs. But they are on stamps instead so unfortunately have been largely forgotten.

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  1. I honestly didn't know that Fleer ever did stamps... silly me. I'm glad you shared them because that Yaz "inception" stamp is amazing!