Tuesday, August 29, 2017

1993 Studio Roberto Kelly

Well, one person was still interested in seeing these (Thanks, Gavin!). I'm enjoying this so I am going to keep it up. Hopefully you are interested too. I have decided to stop doing the Player Profiles of every player I have a card from. It was just too much, and too many players I wasn't familiar with. I will think of something new to replace that when I finish going through the '93 Studio set.
Hobbies are listing to salsa music and going to movies: One of the rare players that does not list a sport in his hobbies.
Favorite player as a kid was Rod Carew: Both Kelly and Carew are from Panama, which has not produced a lot of major leaguers.
Most prized possession is life: Well yes, that is true for everybody, but not really what the question is aiming for.
Pet peeve is smoking: Makes sense, Kelly was known to care a lot about physical fitness.
Where he is now: Kelly was fired as Giants 3B coach after the 2016 season and does not appear to have caught on with another club.

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  1. I love the old Studio cards.. Once they turned into another Stats-Filled set, it became just another set..

    I actually have this full set lol