Monday, January 18, 2016

Wallet Card at a 200-year old Manhattan grid marker

Manhattan's famous grid street system was originally planned in 1811. Over the next ten years, surveyors mapped out the grid and marked intersections with stone monuments or, when the area was too rocky, iron bolts. These proposed intersections included the area that eventually became Central Park, so some of these intersections were never created. In 2003, a geographer discovered that one of these bolts is still in place, now 200 years later!
A year ago that card was mint. Now it too looks 200 years old.
Some people who write about this bolt don't like to give out accurate directions because they fear someone will remove it. However, others have given the location quite precisely. I will just say that had there been no Central Park this would have been the intersection of 65th Street and 6th Avenue.


  1. That's a fascinating bit of history - it's amazing that it's managed to remain undisturbed for two centuries.

  2. I just read about these a week or so ago, and here is a picture of one!

  3. Great history lesson. Thanks for sharing!