Thursday, January 28, 2016

AL West from the Other World

A while back Dan from The Other World had a giveaway of cards by division. He sent an awesome collection of several hundred cards of the five current AL West teams. He also threw in a little bit of Yankees awesomeness! Here are a sample of one card from each team from this great box.

Ruben Sierra was one of my favorite Yankees. I know he wasn't popular with every fan but there was always excitement every time he was up. This is a great shiny card of him.
 Speaking of Yankees out of pinstripes, I had completely forgotten about Hideki Matsui's time with the Angels.
 Another great sparkly card.
 Also very shiny. And, as you can see, reflective too!

 Because this was a "spring cleaning" dump, there were lots of duplicates, and they were often of very nice cards, like this Jurickson Profar rookie, of which there were three. Multiple duplicate Mike Trout inserts, etc. Any fans of AL West teams up for a trade let me know...

 He included three Yankees, all high-end. Recent cards of Mickey Mantle and Derek Jeter, and this awesome card, a uniform card of Jorge Posada. This is probably the best uniform card in my collection.
 Thanks Dan!

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