Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cards from Brad's Giveaway

Brad's Blog recently had a giveaway, and he sent a really awesome, generous package. Here are some highlights.

This sure was an eye-catching card right at the front of the package. A shiny Mariano Rivera card!
 Of course, anybody looks good on a shiny card in a Yankee uniform.
 Hector Noesi was decent as a Yankee in 2011; I was a little disappointed that the Yankees traded him to Seattle in the Michael Pineda deal. I needn't have worried, I guess; Noesi is 10-29 in four seasons since that trade.
 A nice, simple Lou Gehrig card, but what immediately caught my eye is the prominent patch for the 1939 World's Fair. Interestingly, that patch was worn in the 1938 seasons but not 1939.

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