Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big haul of 2007s and 2008s (including lots to trade)

Picked up a big haul of cards, almost all from 2007 and 2008. Lots of duplicates to trade including two complete sets.

In the box were two complete sets each of 2007 UD Future Stars and of 2008 UD Masterpieces. I am keeping one of each, so I have one of each up for trade. There were also a ton of additional singles from these sets, especially Masterpieces, so if you have individual wants for these sets let me know.
There was also a complete 2007 UD Masterpieces set, but not a second one. I do have a few singles from that one to trade.

There was also a near-complete set of 2008 SP Authentic. These are my remaining needs: 
62-65, 72, 77, 98.
Also lots of duplicate singles from this set (and its companion "Rookie Exclusives" set) to trade.

 Also a near complete set of 2007 Ultra. My remaining needs for that set are:

106, 172, 173, 200, 213, 214, 218, 238, 246
Again, plenty of singles to trade from this set so let me know your wants.

 While I previously had a few gold foil variations of cards in this set, there were a lot of cards which had a holographic-rainbow foil variation.
 There were quite a few miscellaneous cards in the box as well, including lots of cards of players like A-Rod and Dice-K who were the big names to collect in 2007. The coolest of these cards was a Garrett Atkins jersey card with a nice pinstripe swatch.

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  1. I'm in for the SP Authentic and Fleer Ultra stuff. I'll send you a list of the Ultras I need now (the SPs, I think I need to make one up, but the cards are all in one place, pretty sure).