Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Amazing cards from the Tribecards giveaway

There is no blogger more generous than David from Tribecards, who does an awesome and extensive giveaway every season. I got my big box yesterday and the contents were terrific!

Here are some highlights:

I managed to get an autographed card, which is very cool. Aaron Thompson pitched in the major leagues for the Pirates in 2011, and is currently in the Twins organization.
 Great shot of Ben Sheets and what is presumably his son Seaver.
 Hard to tell in the photo but this is a really awesome double-hologram card of Jim Edmonds.
 I had never gotten one of these cards before - a 1981 Topps Scratch-off card.
 The 1994 Topps factory sets came with special preview cards of their premier lines. When I bought a factory set last year I got Bobby Bonilla (ugh). Jack McDowell is a whole lot cooler one to get.
 I don't have any 2014 cards yet (the Topps cards look OK, but I really like the look of the Donrusses I have seen on other blogs). In fact, the ten 2013 base cards I got more than doubled my collection of last year's set.
 A cool thing of doing the collection by player is getting different variations of the same card, as happened here with Marco Scutaro.
 Thanks, David!

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