Sunday, December 1, 2013

Contest winnings from Baseball Card Breakdown

Defgav from Baseball Card Breakdown has one of the best new blogs out there. He has done some very interesting custom cards that he recently gave away in a contest and I was fortunate to win a pair of GAV 1/1s.

His glow-in-the-dark cards have been an immediate hit, and I got this cool one of Jeff Montgomery.
 I couldn't really capture the glow-in-the-dark effect with my cheap camera, so here is the gif from his site to give you an idea:

 However, I think this sparkly Bobby Meacham card is even better. I love shiny, sparkly cards, and what better way to spruce up some old junk wax?
 I love wild and crazy, far-out cards, and my winning from the prize pool was something I was really excited about. And prize "pool" is appropriate for this Wave of the Future card, a plastic card of Brad Fullmer (I almost broke it thinking it was a card in plastic) filled with vegetable oil and glitter. A really weird, but cool effect.
Thanks Gav! As of this writing, he's got another contest going now to win some more glow-in-the dark cards. If you haven't checked it out head on over there. I'm ineligible but quickly figured out the answer so I'll give you a hint - the guy on the card was part of one of the best-hitting outfields in baseball history.

The two custom cards are available if someone else wants them more than me, though I am going to go on Twitter and ask Jeff Montgomery if he would like his.

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  1. Right on! You're welcome.. and thanks for the plug & nice words about my blog. :)