Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tagg Bozied on baseball cards

Tagg Bozied is a first baseman-outfielder currently in the Phillies organization. In nine minor league seasons, mostly at the Triple-A level, he has hit 128 home runs. He kindly shared his thoughts on baseball cards.

"My favorite card of mine is one that I share with Xavier Nady. He is one of my closest friends and randomly getting to share a card like that is rare and consider myself lucky to have it as a keepsake.

I used to collect cards when I was a kid. The height of my card collecting days was when upper deck first came on the scene. Thinking how long ago that was in my mind and the fact that one of my card memories was of a Ken Griffey Jr upper deck rookie card makes me appreciate a great player like he has been over time. Card collecting for me was something that help my love for baseball grow when I was a kid and now that I an adult helps me reflect on the innocence of baseball. Something that as you grow in the professional game is hard to maintain.

I do not currently collect any cards and haven't for years. They, predictably, are still in my old room's closet at my parents' house that I break out and dust off every time I am home."


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  1. I have a Tagg Bozied ttm from that Padrographs contest. Such a cool name, even if it is only a nickname. But that's cool that he wrote you back!