Monday, February 1, 2010

Austin Manahan's pine tar bat story

One more story from Austin Manahan, the one about the Pine Tar bat he referenced a couple of days ago . . .

"Here is a picture of the pine tar bat.

My younger brother A.J. (19 years younger) gave this to me about 6 or 8 years ago. I was visiting Kansas City and this picture (signed by Brett) was hanging in his room. I kind of drooled over it...and he ended up giving it to me for Christmas (or birthday?). I'm not sure how many there are of these out there. I heard that Brett had them made as a thank you to some people helping out the team. I guess some friend of the family didn't want it and gave it to my little brother. In real life it is a beautiful picture. I remember watching that game on tv as a kid..."

Thanks! As a Yankee fan I have a less happy memory of that game than a Royals fan would. . .

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  1. Great stuff from Austin, sounds like a cool guy. Had an Austin post a few weeks back, added a link to yours.