Friday, May 14, 2021

Out with a bang

 Another recent change to eBay was the discontinuing of eBay Bucks. With my last round of "bucks" (actually less than a dollar) I was able to bring this card down to my range. 1949 Bowman Bobby Brown. Getting a '40s card of a member of the Yankees dynasty for not much more than a quarter was a nice way to close out that program. Even with their recent changes I still haven't found a better site than eBay for buying vintage cards online for a quarter or less. Takes some patience, but cheap lots can still occasionally be found. Hopefully my old standby's like Craigslist and garage sales will start coming through again soon.

Here's the front. The only thing that bugs me is the orange coloring on the Yankee logos. That's not a defect on this card, they all look like that.

The back. I love the 12/31/49 expiration date. And note that there is no zip code on the address.


  1. They're getting rid of eBay Bucks? That's a shame. I used to enjoy waiting for 5x and 10x days and then get something nice with my bucks.