Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Covering all the bases

 I got a really nice trade package from Dime Boxes this week that covers all the bases of the kinds of cards I like to collect. 

Lots of Yankees cards, including some oddballs. My favorite is the "vintage" Starting Lineup card - I've never seen one of those before. Also some shiny cards on the bottom row, though the shine didn't show up well in the photo.

I love minor league cards, cards of vintage players, and oddballs, especially consumer brand/retail oddballs like Kellogg's, Coca-Cola and Burger King. Nick even threw in a Babe Ruth postage stamp!
These were two of my favorite oddballs. Alfonso Soriano is one of my all-time favorite Yankees, so it was cool getting this Chicago Tribune card with a mashup of the '72 and '73 Topps designs. And while Bubba Trammell had only a very brief Yankees tenure, I actually got a few cards from this McDonald's set at a McDonald's in 2004, so it was fun to get another.
This was my favorite of the oddballs, though. It is from the 1986 True Value set. It's similar to an A&G rip card - there is one card with more on the inside!
Here's the whole thing opened up. The Rinse'n'Vac ad is as much fun as the cards to me. I can't decide whether to detach the cards or leave it intact.
Unfortunately I did not win a trip to a 1986 postseason game. 
And of course there was plenty of vintage! Lots of '60s Cubs, plus a '75 mini.
More vintage! That Whitey Ford card is well loved - well, I love it too. Moose Skowron and Clete Boyer are awesome pickups. The '70 Rose is a great card but I did have it already, so it's up for trade if anyone wants it.


  1. I vote to keep the True Value panel together. (Sorry you didn't win a trip to a 1986 postseason game.)

  2. Gamble wins the first group.
    Burger King Pena wins the second group.
    Boycotting the third group because of that Ashburn blasphemy.
    Rose wins the last group.

  3. A nice diverse mix of cards.

  4. A lot of cool cards here... but my favorite is the 1989 Kenner SLU Baseball Greats Gehrig too. Such a cool design... and loaded checklist.

  5. I have two versions of the '86 Tru Value fold out thing with Pedro Guerrero on it. One I opened, one stayed closed.

  6. Those Post's look really good, but the Gehrig would be tops for me as well.